Boys and girls,
I would like to say a few words
at this starting point of a new semester.
First of all, two questions:

What do you want to be in the future?
What is that you desire the most?
These are difficult questions, arenft they?
You may have a lot of things to learn
before being able to answer them.
Learning is the only thing

that will lead to the answers
that are right for each of yourselves.

At Aoyama High School,
we give you a curriculum
in which you are able to study academic subjects
in various fields.
It is essential for you
to learn things in the liberal arts.
That will liberate you from ignorance
and give you a good chance
to gain intellectual strength,
and powers of expression.
The more you learn,
the more confident you will become,
and the more strongly you will desire
to continue learning.

Twelfth graders, time flies.
You have only ten months left
before taking entrance examinations.
Nobody can change the speed of time.
Everybody is equally under its control.
So work hard.
You can never compensate for lost time.
And learn, learn, and learn.

Eleventh graders,
it is important for you
to maintain a willingness
to accept the challenges of new things.
Donft be afraid
to set high goals for yourselves.
Study hard,
make the best use of activities after school,
discuss things with your friends,
and accept as many new challenges as you can.
Do what you can do today
for the sake of your future self.

I repeat.
Time flies, so work hard.
Maintain a willingness to accept challenges.
Where there is a will, there is a way.
Work toward realizing your dreams.

If you want to talk to me,
feel free to visit me anytime in the Principalfs Office.
Ifm honored to be your Principal
and hope that each of you will live up to
your own personal potential.
Thank you very much.